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Education And Outreach Programs

In order to ensure stewardship and support management activities, SEA is developing a comprehensive understanding amongst stakeholders of all ages about the importance of marine conservation and the realities of MPA management. Over the years, there has been a growing incorporation of environmental education and conservation principles into the yearly curriculum for all elementary and high school students.

Belize Environmental Education

Teachers are frequently looking to organisations like SEA to offer courses or activities that will further enhance these in class sessions. Previous environmental education programs have further illustrated the impact that a simple day spent actually experiencing the World Heritage Site can provide for young learners. Most students (and adults) return from these experiences ready to go out and improve their communities and the environment.

Belize Environmental Education

Students receive an invigorating experience while visiting the Marine Protected Areas and Fishermen a more comprehensive knowledge of what is happening in their MPA’s as well as Clearer understanding of the rules and regulations of Marine Protected Areas in Belize.

List of Programs

Lionfish Round-up

As an opening to the Lobster Fest activities held in the month of June, SEA hosts its yearly Lionfish Hunt. 2018’s Round-up was held in collaboration with Fragments of Hope. The persons who participate in this event are tour guides, volunteers and SEA staff members.

SEA Summer Camp Program

SEA hosts a yearly Summer Camp in an effort to engage the youth of its stakeholder communities in positive and fun learning activities. July 2018 saw SEA’s third Annual Summer Camp, which catered for over 75 children from the villages of Hopkins and Independence.

Sea Turtle Nesting Monitoring and Outreach

There are currently six species of sea turtles in Belize, all of which are listed as endangered. SEA’s Education Team conducts door to door outreach sessions and community presentations in Placencia, Seine Bight and Maya Beach every year in the month of June for the start of the nesting season.

SEA Scholarship Program

In an effort to continue engaging youth in SEA’s stakeholder communities, SEA has restarted its scholarship program. This is year’s recipient is Ms. Whitney Majano of Independence Village.

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